Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Illawarra Sleep Medicine Centre has to make substantial changes to the way we practice. These changes will last until the pandemic is controlled and social distancing has ceased.

1. Consultations

All consultations will be via Telehealth media. Preferably this will involve Skype/Zoom or telephone if Skype/Zoom is not possible.

As per the guidelines, all Telehealth services during the Coronavirus pandemic will be bulk billed.

For Skype/Zoom, we will ask your details and when it is your turn, we will call you.

Referrals will need to be emailed or faxed to us prior to the appointment.

2. Lung Function Tests

These will not occur at our centre while the pandemic remains an issue. If lung function tests are urgent then they will be arranged at Wollongong Public Hospital.

3. Sleep Studies

Attended sleep studies can occur during the pandemic if they are urgent. We will not be performing attended studies on people >70 years or pregnant women. We will not be performing CPAP or Bi-Level studies during this period.

Everyone having an attended study will be asked to complete a Coronavirus Risk Assessment form prior to the study occurring.

Home studies can be performed without risk. We will upload a video showing how to attach the various leads etc. You will come in and pick up the equipment. A member of your family will need to assist with putting the equipment on for you.

A staff member will be on Skype to oversee the process and give advice if needed.

4. Protective equipment and cleaning

We are following strict guidelines regarding equipment and personal protection. In regards to the Coronavirus this is most noted with the attended sleep studies. The staff will wear masks, goggles, protective aprons and gloves when setting up and removing the sleep equipment. This equipment is for the safety of staff and patients.

People having an attended sleep study must fill out forms regarding Coronavirus. They must stay in their room unless they wish to go to the toilet. Gloves should then be worn. The staff will attend to your other needs, eg drinks etc.

Patients having sleep tests are not to use communal facilities except for the toilet. Showers will not be offered during the pandemic.